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The perils of technology for all to see (The Catholic News)

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“Everyone Sat There Enjoying The Spectacle Of Me Being Savaged”


World champion amateur boxer Michael Conlan




The Ray D’Arcy Show on RTÉ One at 10.05pm

Tara O’Brien writes:

Fresh from his Gold medal winning performance at the World Amateur Boxing Championships in Doha, newly crowned bantamweight World Champion Michael Conlan will join Ray to talk about his recent success and his plans to target Olympic glory. Former Coronation Street actor Bruce Jones (who played the role of Les Battersby) will be telling Ray about hitting rock bottom after he lost it all And one of Ireland’s top models Roz Purcell will also be joining Ray on the couch to talk about her interest in fitness, fashion and food…..Former Westlife star Markus Feehily will be performing his new single.


Pic: Michael Conlon


Drone footage of the new set for the Ray D’Arcy Show debuting tomorrow night on RTÉ One.

Set designer Sinead O’Hanlon writes:

One of the key challenges for any chat show set is to ensure that both the presenter and their guests feel comfortable and at ease. Ray wanted the set to feel warm and to have an intimate feel, bearing that in mind we have tried to make sure he is as close to his guests and the audience as possible. We have used a blend of colours, materials and lighting to create a warm, engaging and contemporary design for the set. We also have a larger than usual performance area with a simple but effective LED background which allows a variety of looks for the many bands and performers that we hope to welcome to the show.


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Ahead of his chat show debut on Saturday.

A Morricone-drenched telly retrospective.

Rayna Connery at RTÉ writes:

In advance of his TV chat show debut on The Ray D’Arcy Show this Saturday, Ray has been raiding the vaults at RTÉ to look back at some of his “best bits”! The Ray D’arcy Show airs this Saturday on RTÉ One at 9.45pm….




It’s Ray and Roy, live from Cork.

During their discussion, Today FM host Ray D’Arcy asked former Manchester United captain and current assistant manager of the Republic of Ireland football team, Roy Keane if he would be interested in working with Manchester United, in the wake of the club’s manager David Moyes getting fired last week.

Ray D’Arcy: “In a dream world?”

Roy Keane: “No, no, I don’t think that way. I just think, ehm…I was at a match on Friday night, I was at a match on Saturday, you know, I’m up in the stand looking and thinking, you know, I’d love to have a team. And then I get back in my car, I spoke to Martin [O’Neill, manager of Irish team], I think it was Saturday night… and obviously I’m delighted to be working with Martin and Seamus and the other staffs. So, you have to be careful what you wish for. I just really appreciate the opportunity I have at the moment. What happens further down the road…you asked me a question earlier about management, I never thought I’d go into being a manager really, I didn’t think I’d probably do TV games…so..”

D’Arcy: “You change.”

Keane: “I’m always not thinking too far ahead at all possible and just focus on, focusing on helping Ireland qualify.”

Pic: Will Hanafin

Listen to interview here.


[From top: Ray D’Arcy and the Irish Water logo that cost €20,000]

Pamela Blake, of Today FM’s Ray D’Arcy Show, writes:

In the Daily Mail last week, they revealed Dublin-based agency Zero-G were paid €20,000 to come up with the new logo for Irish Water. That’s €5,000 per word. Ray talked about it on air and wondered how it could cost so much?

Listening in Limerick was Ken – a graphic designer. He loaded the logo into a ‘find a font’ programme and found that the font used is ‘SCALA SANS’ – a free font available to source online. He then recreated the logo himself in the space of 10 minutes.

When we asked Bord Gáis – the Irish Water mothership – what font their designers used in the logo, they came back to us and said it’s ‘a bespoke font designed especially for the logo’.

That’s funny! So when we sent Ken’s illustration below back to them and explained the SCALA SANS font, they backtracked and gave us this response:

“The typeface for the logo is an adaptation of the typeface Scala Sans. This typeface was selected for its good readability both online and in print. It is a modern clean typeface that also lends itself to effective form design. The font is open source and is free to use, in keeping with the overall principles of developing an identity programme that is efficient and cost-effective.”

Cost-effective? How is €20,000 for this logo using a free, open source ready-made font cost effective?

Zero-G, who created the logo, did not have to tender for the job as it was below a specified threshold. They have previously designed logos and branding for Bord Gáis.

Irish Water Logo (Today FM)

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