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A rather satisfying 2011 video by Chinese manufacturer Sino Sales And Support which cranks out millions of recycled glass marbles every year.



An undentified English Tesco this morning.

Emma Jane Dempsey writes:

Welcome to the world of Bags For Life UK. Just wait until the 5p bags disappear…

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 01.12.59

Russian Youtuber Egorov has invented a device that allows him to unravel usable ‘string’ or narrow tape from plastic bottles.

The process is simple and very satisfying to watch.

*twitch, double-blink*


junk junk2

In a combined promo for GoPro cameras and a new album by charming popsters Radiation City, sweeping pans, POVs and unexpected angles are used to capture a performance at the Cathedral Of Junk in Austin Texas in the company of ‘junk king’ Vince Hanneman.



The Carma Project, sponsored by ad agency Leo Burnett Lisbon:

“built a bicycle out of the scrap of a retired Mercedes hoping that the heavy karma of the car could be rebalanced by riding the same number of kilometres in a greener way: just by cycling.”

Damn agency-sponsored enviro-hipsters.



How many?


Homebase it is so.

Joanne Cullen writes:

This is a the first plastic bottle greenhouse in North Dublin [Lynn Boylan, above, who lead the build]. It was constructed of 2,000 2 litre plastic bottles and reclaimed wood. It was created by Global Action Plan (GAP) Ireland for a local school in Ballymun and is fully operational.


Two thousand bottles.

Global Action Plan Ireland