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DugDog writes:

I’m going to be away with work when the referendum is on. You know the one. I was wondering if I can still vote even though I’m out of the country?  I heard you can’t vote abroad unless you are a servant of the State, e.g diplomats and soldiers. Is it possible to vote by post or anything? I haven’t emigrated or anything. I still live here.

(Mark Stedman, Photocall)

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Campaign ‘literature’ for the No side in a recent water charges referendum
in Trinity College Dublin

Two weeks ago, a water charges referendum was held in Trinity College Dublin in order to give the Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) an official position on the introduction of water charges.

The students were asked if they should campaign to abolish water charges.

Of the 4,619 who voted, 2,110 students (46%) voted ‘Yes’.

Further to this…

Liam Crowley writes in Trinity News:

“On the point of the referendum campaign, it must be pointed out that the ‘No’ side engaged in misleading and disingenuous tactics. The leaflets and posters issued by the ‘No’ campaign were designed along a myth/fact type of structure. It was presented as being a myth that ‘Irish water will be privatised’. The corresponding ‘fact’ was that ‘only the Irish people can decide to privatise Irish Water through a referendum.’ This is far removed from the truth.”

“The government has forcefully resisted all demands that the semi-state company ‘Irish Water’ be protected from privatisation by ensuring a referendum is provided in the case of any government wanting to sell the company. The Oireachtas, where a government majority is in-built, will be the place where any decision to privatise our water is taken.”

“Irish people could not have less control over our water than as it stands with the current formation of water charges. If privatisation of our water was not on the agenda, then a referendum would have been guaranteed in the event of possible water privatisation. The blatant untruth that currently a referendum is necessary for water privatisation should not have escaped college media scrutiny and the SU’s Electoral Commission should have acted decisively to stop the dissemination of false information.”


What does the result of the water charges referendum say about Trinity students? (Liam Crowley, Trinity News)

Pic: Trinity News


“Eamon Gilmore, leader of the Irish Labour party, said he hoped the cabinet would decide on Tuesday to set a date for a national vote on endorsing full equality for same-sex marriages. Gilmore said it would be “important to win this referendum” which could be held as early as mid 2014.”

Irish deputy PM pushes for gay marriage referendum date (Henry McDonald, Guardian)

Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

Refcount gallagherr

From RTÉ’s live tracker, head of the Political Science department at Trinity College Dublin, Dr Michael Gallagher comments on the count.

Previously: “Not good enough to save…not bad enough to abolish”

RTÉ live tracker

Early tallies show Seanad referendum vote to be close (Irish Times)

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Brian Sammon writes:

Don’t think it was ever close. Compare with 2011, ‘don’t knows’ go no…