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‘Here’s How’ podcast

Host William Campbell (top right) meets John Leahy (top left), leader of Rénua, about making pre-crime an offence in Ireland.

William writes:

Rénua’s new policies, including a proposal to give the gardaí the power to imprison people where they suspect that they are about to commit a crime.

Their leader John leahy is vague on the details, but sure there will be no problem with the constitution..


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This morning.

Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6.

Outside hunting enthusiast Lucinda Creighton’s ‘office type place’,

Release the hounds.

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Hello you.

Simon writes:

Richard Boyd Barrett creeping an eye on early morning commuters in Dun Laoghaire.

mailo:lucindaPodcastCover Tunein

From top: Renua candidate Mailo Power with party leader Lucinda Creighton; William Campbell

Waterford Renua candidate and hotel owner Mailo Power talks to William Campbell of the Here’s How [current affairs] podcast on her party’s controversial flat tax plan.

William writes:

Mailo Power defends her party’s plans for taxation. People on six-figure salaries will get huge tax cuts, someone on €200k get an extra €45k in their pocket. People lower down the scale? They get an incentive to work harder…


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Renua leader Lucinda Creighton launching the party’s manifesto with party members  this morning at Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin

Meanwhile, last night…

Read Renua’s party manifesto ‘Rewarding Work Rebuilding Trust’ here

Mark Stedman/Rollingnews.ie



Ah here.

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Luke Field tweetz:

Seems the #RENUAFlatTax calculator has disappeared after a few interesting results appeared…

CONTEXT: Renua plan would leave minimum-wage earners worse off, Creighton admits (Irish Examiner)

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Former Fine Gael Councillor Keith Redmond and Renua leader Lucinda Creighton at Leinster House this morning

Via Hibernia Forum:

The Councillor for Fine Gael in Fingal Country Council, Keith Redmond is to leave the Government party to join Renua.

Redmond is also a founder and director the liberal economic think-tank, Hibernia Forum, is fed up by the ‘nanny state tendencies’ of an increasingly centrist and ‘big State’ Fine Gael party, as well as the governing party’s lack of support for small business culture and prudent public spending.

Renua’s announcement of a Flat Tax system as a central part of its economic policy finally triggered the move away from Fine Gael is also a aim and ambition of the Hibernia Forum.


Fine Gael councillor, and Hibernia Forum founder, Keith Redmond, to leave FG for new political party, Renua (Hibernia Forum)

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 14.54.42

Lucinda Creighton

Further to Renua leader Lucinda Creighton’s comments this morning…

Graywingfield tweetz:

“Renua Ireland says work must pay, except if you work for Lucinda Creighton.”

From Ms Creighton’s website, posted last Thursday, October 1:

“Are you a bright, motivated and energetic self-starter with an interest in politics and public affairs? I am seeking an intern to work in my office in Leinster House, contributing to parliamentary, constituency and political projects and assisting in the day-to-day running of my office… The position is unpaid and will last for an initial duration of three months, starting immediately.”

Join our team! (Lucinda Creighton)

Previously: ‘There Will Be Incentives For People To Actually Take Pay Rises’

Mark Stedman (Rollingnews.ie)


Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 10.41.19

 Lucinda Creighton at the launch of Renua’s pre-budget submission yesterday at the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin


You may recall how yesterday Lucinda Creighton announced Renua’s proposed tax plans which include a 23% flat tax and tax rebates, on a sliding scale, for those on welfare and lower income.

Under the proposals the disposable income of those on middle and higher incomes would increase. But those on the minimum wage would earn less.

This morning, Ms Creighton spoke to Seán O’Rourke about the proposals. Sinn Féin TD Pearse Doherty also took part in the discussion.

Seán O’Rourke: “Is Pearse Doherty right when he says you’re going to have people on the minimum wage paying more?”

Lucinda Creighton: “No, what we are proposing, at the moment, anybody who’s on the minimum wage, is in a trap. So if they receive a €10 increase, which amounts to, a €10-a-week increase, which amounts to €520 – rather than benefiting from that pay increase, they actually end up being worse off in terms of their net take home pay, so they actually end up being down €8, rather than up €10 or part of the €10. Under our proposal, for every extra euro that that person earns, for every extra hour that they work, they will be rewarded. They will be incentivised to work harder. There are incentives for employees [sic] to pay people better and there are incentives for people to actually take and accept pay rises. At the moment, there is no incentive because you lose money because of our bizarre PRSI system, you lose money on the minimum wage if you…”

O’Rourke: “But are you going to retain the present tax exemptions so that the credits that are there for people on low income.”

Creighton: “No, we’re not retaining tax credits. What we are proposing is a direct payment, a graduated basic income for everybody who is a low earner and that’s phased out or graduated out, up to an earning income level of €70,000 and that simplifies the system. It means people can see on their payslip what they’re receiving, what they’re contributing and everybody is incentivised to work. We have to make work pay. People pay lip service to it.”

Read Renua’s submission in full here

Listen back in full here

Previously: Way To Go

Mark Stedman/Rollingnews.ie


Renua Leader Lucinda Creighton (top) and Eddie Hobbs, the party’s finance spokesman, this morning.

Breaking News reports:

“Renua has issued a number of pre-budget submissions today. The party is proposing a new 23% flat rate of income tax for everyone. It also proposes abolishing the TV licence fee and making RTE fund itself entirely from commercial revenue…The party also says no public servant should get a pension in excess of €60,000.”

Renua proposes new flat rate of income tax in pre-budget submission (Breakingnews.ie)