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‘Anon Tenant’ writes:

I saw your post about the tiny bedsit in D8 and I decided to check if it was registered with the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB)..

It turned out that the property was registered in 2013. Registrations lasts for four years, so it is expired right now.

Following the expiration of registration, the RTB will send a letter to the landlord reminding them to renew it, if they intended to rent the property out again.

When I asked the RTB person what could be done about this, he said that unless I was the tenant, I couldn’t raise an enforcement claim through the RTB.

And if I was a tenant, would I raise this issue? I don’t think so. Especially when I could be given 28 days notice to quit for any reason in the first 6 months of tenancy.

I have checked other properties listed on Daft before, and they too were not listed with the RTB, but it seems crazy to me that properties can be advertised without meeting the minimum of being a registered property. (Never mind meeting minimum standards, but sin scéal eile.)

No wonder the Government can’t give accurate housing figures when they don’t even know what’s being rented.

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