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Bone Rocker (2009) in cast black marble resin by Dutch designer Boris Jaarman.

From a limited edition of twelve chairs, one of which sold this October at Sotheby’s for €277,784.


lye-9 please_don_t_eat_me___by_kenglye-d5x0kkv realistic-3d-sea-animals-resin-keng-lye-1 realistic-3d-sea-animals-resin-keng-lye-4 realistic-3d-sea-animals-resin-keng-lye-5 realistic-3d-sea-animals-resin-keng-lye-7 realistic-3d-sea-animals-resin-keng-lye-11 realistic-3d-sea-animals-resin-keng-lye-12
Wonderful aquatic coup d’oeil by Singaporean artist Keng Lye who achieves the effect by pouring layers of clear resin into containers and then building up the images with acrylic paint within the resin.

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