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Artist Damien Hirst’s new restaurant Pharmacy2, opening tomorrow at the Newport Gallery in London’s Vauxhall.

The original Pharmacy restaurant, founded in Notting Hill in 1998 by Hirst and PR guru Matthew Ford, closed in 2003.


rollercoaster_07 rollercoaster_09 rollercoaster_011 rollercoaster_12 rollercoaster_13

rollercoaster_05What looks like a clone-tool heavy CG rendering but is, in fact, an actual sculpture by Baptiste Debombourg entitled Stellar at Place du Bouffay in Nantes.

A static ‘rollercoaster’ made from 1200 brightly coloured café chairs created for this month’s La Voyage Á Nantes.



Garthicus writes:

One of the posts during the week prompted me to ask the Dog House restaurant in Howth as to why they tagged on 12.5% service charge to my bill on the weekend for a table for 3 (two adults and a child). I forgot about it but they just tweeted me this.

Just desserts or sour grapes? International scandal or nothing to see here?

(Pic: William Murphy)