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Photofunia founder Alexy Ivanov’s Retro Wave Text Generator – the three words of your choice rendered in ‘futuristic’ graphics, 1980s style.

Groady to the max. 


Going loive today.

The Electricity Supply Board (ESB) marks the 70th anniversary of the Rural Electrification Scheme this year by finally digitising its vast archive of reports, photographs and marketing literature.

Don’t forget to turn off the immersion.

ESB Archives

julien-knez-VHS-covers-for-modern-movies-and-TV-shows-designboom-02 julien-knez-VHS-covers-for-modern-movies-and-TV-shows-designboom-03 julien-knez-VHS-covers-for-modern-movies-and-TV-shows-designboom-05 julien-knez-VHS-covers-for-modern-movies-and-TV-shows-designboom-06 julien-knez-VHS-covers-for-modern-movies-and-TV-shows-designboom-07 julien-knez-VHS-covers-for-modern-movies-and-TV-shows-designboom-08 julien-knez-VHS-covers-for-modern-movies-and-TV-shows-designboom-10

Very convincing (and strangely nostalgic, if you’re sufficiently elderly) VHS mock-ups of recent TV and movie titles by Julien Knez.

Complete with authentic period details: 1980s typography, cheesy cover art, cracked and cloudy plastic covers…



Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 23.14.14

Pac Man, Pong and Space Invaders (play free at these links) combined into a complicated but enjoyably productivity-sapping retro mashup. To wit:

To increase your score-bar in Pacapong you simply collect as many pills as possible within the time limit.  Once fired your Pacman can be controlled to a small degree, but will always be inclined to heading towards your opponents side.  To make things a little trickier (and more awesome) you also have to contend with ghosts, hit them and you’ll lose a chunk of your score bar (unless you pick up a power pill).

To make things yet even more trickier (and indeed more awesome), you also have to contend with Space Invaders who descend your side of the screen whenever your opponent collects them – with some careful manoeuvring you can even shoot them with the pills you collect with Pacman.

Available for free download here.



Spanish amateur game designer Abel Alves’ side-scrolling tribute to GOT is actually a playable game, downloadable for PC here if you’re so inclined.

An emulator is required for Macs.