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On the spot fines for cyclists, alcohol locks and rehabilitation courses for those with poor driving skills are among the key recommendations of a new Road Safety Strategy being launched this morning.

The strategy also proposes a “handbrake lock” for the mobile phones of professional drivers, in-vehicle devices which will detect driver fatigue and the extension of the safety camera network to encompass other offences than speeding.

The new strategy which will run until 2020 aims to further advance Ireland’s position among the safest countries for driving in Europe by reducing overall road deaths to 124 or less per year, down from 182 in 2012.

Pedestrian win.

Fines for cyclists and alcohol locks for drivers on the cards (Tim O’Brien, Irish Times)

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)

The city of Yekaterinburg in Russia has a pothole problem, made worse by the empty promises of politicians to fix it. Local blog Ura.ru teamed up with Voskhod ad agency to shame them into action:

We associated road holes with the images of certain politicians. In the night, on three potholes in city center, we drew faces of the governor, the mayor and the vice-mayor. The news about caricatures became a sensation. With this intense PR the politicians were no longer able to sit idle. The holes were fixed.

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