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Further to speaking to a No voter and a Yes voter

Rob Reeves talks to Fergus Keane of FRO Films – who’s undecided about how he’ll vote in today’s referendum.

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Rob Reeves writes:

I feel that constructive conversation has been largely non existent leading up to this referendum. I wanted to do my bit by talking with someone from each side.

Tomorrow Rob will post an interview with Karl Callen, writer and director of the film Repeal.

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New Year’s Eve.

A short story.

By Rob Reeves, who writes:

I wrote this a long time ago and recorded this for a friend a long time ago. It’s been hanging over me as a possible post for a while now…

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Rob Reeves writes:

I filmed this chat with Sean, a Dublin heroin addict a few months back. It has continued to get views despite not having received any promotion.

Sean’s a very intelligent and engaging guy. It’s such a massive issue in Dublin, perhaps your audience would find it enlightening.

Rob Reeves Films

Rob Reeves hears some views from Dublin city centre on recent comments about homelessness from Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Eileen Gleeson, of Dublin City Council’s Homeless Executive.

Ms Gleeson stated that many people had become homeless because of ‘bad bahaviour’.

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