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Taiwanese choreographer, inventor and video artist Huang Yi dances a duet with KUKA — a robot he programmed — set to the cello stylings of Joshua Roman.



This morning.

Wilton Shopping Centre, Wilton, Cork.

Frank writes:

‘The Omnivend…It’s a machine for paying bills, You can pay 8 or 9 different bills at once, and not a human being in sight….

Examples of the magnificently detailed monochrome murals of Sheffield-based artist Phlegm, including a new 5 storey tall robot (last 2 pix and video) on Chapel Street in Melbourne, Australia.


The wickedly fast Japanese sport of ‘pepe-sumo’, or miniature robot sumo wrestling, filmed here in real time  and compiled (from several years of footage) by Robert McGregor.

Bouts don’t last long. Refs wear shin pads.


A short by Sholto Crow in which a treasure hunter unwittingly unleashes a robo-apocalypse in the picturesque seaside town of Cromer, gem of the Norfolk coast.