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GROUNDSIrish blood, English situation

What you may need to know…

01. Loud, Limrocker-fronted noises, based in London. That’s Grounds, properly weighty rock ‘n’ roll in the mid-’00s Brit post-hardcore vein.

02. Having assembled mid-last year, the band has been slowly making their way around their city’s gig scene, garnering adoring eyes from local media and UK rock blogs in the process.

03. Streaming above is the video for debut single Stutter, available for streaming and download over at their Bandcamp.

04. No word on any flights home for live dates, which needs rectifying, but London-based readers can catch them on a stacked punk gig at Luna on April 30th.

THOUGHTS: Noisy and unpretentious, with a fair amount of heft in those tones. Grand.



Terrierspost-hardcore from Cork

What you may need to know…

01. One year after playing their very last gig ever, Cork four-piece Terriers are all in the same country for a few days at Christmas, and are chancing their arms with a charity show.

02. Spinning off from Cork screamo band Slugbait, Terriers specialised in a slick, melodic post-hardcore, with streaks of classic rock riffage.

03. Streaming above is the band’s sole album, Let’s Hear It for the Boys, completed and released last year, shortly before their disbandment.

04. Catch ’em at Fred Zeppelin’s in Cork on the 23rd, with support from Sheffield math-rockers Ganglions and Cork alt-rockers Temperance Parade. A tenner in, all proceeds to Cork Simon.

Verdict: Much joy here for fans of alternative rock, post-hardcore, and the more QOTSA-end of stoner rock japes.



TUSKSDoom-metal from Belfast

What you may need to know…

01. Emerging from a rich scene for various amounts of musical heft, TUSKS fall somewhere between Sabbathesque riff worship and spiky punk noisemaking.

02. The band’s debut album Embers, released in August of last year, on Larne-based metal label Freak Flag Recordings.

03. Streaming above in its entirety, it’s available for download, and on limited 12″ green/”beer” vinyl.

04. Next seen live at the Eglantine in Belfast next Thursday, with support from Elder Druid and Black Market Thieves.

VERDICT: TUSKS have a lash off doom-metal’s tropes and rituals without directly aping same, adding a bit of piss and vinegar to proceedings.



Leeum Donnelly writes:

Grand rock I found hiking in Peru – looks a bit like a familiar tax haven…

The Broadsheet book of unspecified things that look like Ireland (New Island)


Tuathconfirmed for Hard Working Class Heroes

What you may need to know…

01. Psychedelia/shoegazing, genre-upsetting noises as Gaeilge from Donegal, you say? These might be your lads.

02. Tuath are a collective of musicians that revolves around singer Robert Mulhern and saxophonist Ashley Mobasser, formed in July 2014, and slowly garnering adoring looks across the media room from the likes of Louderthanwar and An Taobh Tuathail.

03. Streaming in its entirety above is the band’s debut EP, Existence is Futile, released this past June, via Bandcamp.

04. The band has just been confirmed for Hard Working Class Heroes festival in Dublin, running from October 6th-8th. For more on the line-up and venues, click here.

Verdict: An odyssey of sound and texture that feels at once fresh and challenging, while peppered with just enough points of reference throughout to reward a broad palette.



Fox Jawcelebrating ten years and a new E.P.

What you may need to know…

01. It’s been a long road for the folk-informed alt-rockers formerly known as Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters.

02. Over three-hundred shows, two full-lengths and a rash of singles and E.P.s, the lads have traipsed across Europe and America, completing the Irish festival-grind checklist in the process, including Castlepalooza, Knockanstockan, and Indiependence, among many others.

03. Streaming above is the video for most recent-single Hit It Off, a slower-moving number indicative of their rock ‘n’ roll leanings, with a promo featuring a Munster fan having a terrible evening altogether (possibly NSFW). It’s taken from their next E.P., Black Light Vignette.

04. See them next at Electric Picnic‘s Electric Side Show stage, or if you’re in Limrock, drop in to Dolan’s on the 17th of next month for their tenth-anniversary/record-launch proceedings.

Verdict: Heads-down, no-nonsense rock ‘n’ roll, well-honed over the years and the result of obvious passion for their craft.

Fox Jaw

RomainLanglois_02 RomainLanglois_03 RomainLanglois_04 RomainLanglois_05

The rather wonderful work of self-taught French sculptor Romain Langlois, who adds surfaces and elongated strands of glittering bronze to sections of split rock, creating fantastical representations of their ‘inner energy’.