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On Sunday night, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket into orbit from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

The rocket returned safely to earth but not before atmospheric conditions during the launch caused what appeared to be a spectacular nebula in the sky, prompting LA mayor Eric Garrett to issue a reassuring tweet.



An experimental probe launched by NASA from Alaska yesterday – off to measure nitric oxide in the polar sky.

Image by Jamie Adkins of the Poker Flat Research Range.



This afternoon.

On King Street South, Dublin.

Dave Williams, of GOAL, tweetz:

A ‘rocket‘ to mark five years of war in Syria. Rockets are killing people there every day; we want to show why Syrians are fleeing their country.

Syria’s civil war: five years of Guardian reporting (The Guardian)



World Scott uses a Spyder III Krypton laser to ignite strips of flash paper embedded in bottles containing small amounts of alcohol for some tuneful slomo pyrotechnics.



A video uploaded at the weekend by North Korea’s official propaganda website, Uriminzokkiri, celebrating the future launch of a space shuttle via the Unha-3 long range ballistic rocket successfully tested last December.

Bonus WFTery includes the use of an instrumental ‘We Are The World’ soundtrack and scenes of the aftermath of a nuclear attack on a North American city, courtesy of repurposed imagery from Call of Duty.