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Ruairi Quinn announcing his resignation on the ‘plinth’ this afternoon.

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(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)


[An ASTI delegate having his megaphone removed during Ruairi Quinn’s address yesterday in Wexford]

Megaphone diplomacy.

Class warfare.

They don’t know they were born.

Eamon Delaney writes:

We have teachers unions this week telling us all what a terrible life they have – yet they have shortest hours, longest holidays and very good pay, conditions that the rest of us, and European teachers, can only envy. But the unions are always angry – professionally angry, theatrically angry. And of course they will undoubtedly bring up the’ reckless bankers’ and other convenient whipping boys when in actual fact they should be celebrating how well off they are.

The reality is our public servants have got a very fortunate let off in our ‘fiscal corrections.’ Unlike in other EU countries, there were no compulsory redundancies and the pay cuts were minimal compared to the decimation visited on the private sector. The first of these cuts was, heaven forbid, a contribution to their own gold -plated pension, a thing the rest of us can only dream of.

This big let-off is thanks to the Labour party, of course, and a weak willed FG, who ring-fenced their public sector colleagues in the Croke Park deal and then, for good measure, in the Haddington Road deal, making sure that the only public servants likely to be among the 300,000 people at the welfare offices were those working there, at the hatch, with secure jobs.

Just look at the Haddington Road deal – public servants on over €65,000 will have their pay cuts reversed in three years. Nurses have to work an hour and a half extra per week, and teachers lose their supervision/substitution allowance but will have it restored in 2017. For the unions, this is great news, but they daren’t say so.

Better instead to keep up the moaning, as has always been done. No recognition here that the rest of us will have to pay for this big let off in longer hours and higher taxes, including among lower paid civil servants themselves. Meanwhile, the squeezed middle and the retail and SMEs continue to get hammered.

This is the great irony, that those with could complain the most are ground into silence and just trying to survive whereas those who should be grateful, such as many public servants like teachers, have the time and the job security to moan to high heaven. But was it ever any different?



*ironic applause, walk-out*

Teachers lead the way in public sector whingefest (Eamon Delaney)


[Education Minister Ruairi Quinn]

Today INTO [Irish National Teacher Organisation]

Tonight ASTI [Association of Secondary Teachers Ireland]

Tomorrow: a bit of a lie in.

Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn was heckled almost constantly as he addressed the Association of Secondary Teachers Ireland conference in Wexford this evening.

…Earlier, Irish National Teacher Organisation delegates rejected a proposal by Mr Quinn that higher level mathematics at Leaving Certificate level should be a minimum requirement for students wishing to become primary school teachers.

Honours maths though.


What was he thinking?

Earlier: Do The Maths

Quinn Heckled At ASTI Conference (RTE)


Tweets from the annual conference of the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation in the Lyrath Hotel, Kilkenny.



RTÉ’s education correspondent Emma O’Kelly reported on the conference on RTÉ’s News at One earlier:

“There were also times where there were mutterings of discontent, there were groans from delegates, one of those key moments was when the minister said that he wanted to see Higher Level Maths at Leaving Cert to become a requirement, a minimum entry requirement, for teacher training in the colleges. Now, to that, he was met with moans and mutterings. The minister compounded this by going off script and addressing the delegates saying “I’ll tell you why” and he went on in his explanation to refer to a “highly feminised audience and profession” and this, really, the delegates took umbrage at this. They didn’t take kindly to these remarks, there was a lot of groaning and noise in reference to that.”

“Now, when [General Secretary of INTO] Sheila Nunan was responding to the minister, she summed up a lot of that umbrage by saying, she began, in a very colourful speech, she said: “Sisters, hell hath no fury”, and she went on to say that, “we understand the simple sums, such as 30 into one doesn’t go”, of course there she’s referring to class size. She said: “The sum is that we’re looking for more funding.” And she also said: “It wasn’t the girls who didn’t do the Higher Level Maths that led the country to ruination.” She said: “It was the boys who did the Honours Maths that did this”. So this was received with rapturous applause from delegates.”

Read Minister Quinn’s prepared address to the INTO conference here

Pic: Sean Kelly

Martin Callinan, Garda Commissioner and Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairi Quinn TD watching a video on cyber-bullying as part of  Safer Internet Day 2013 [held tomorrow] in Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin, earlier.

Inappropriate backdrop emoticons are inappropriate. :)

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

Ah here.

Ronan Costello , of The Union of Students of Ireland, writes:

Attached is an image that was due to be used on posters and masks at a sleep out protest at the Dail this evening. Unfortunately, the Gardai revoked permission despite there being precedent for these protests. The protest was organised because thousands of students are still waiting on essential maintenance grants to come from SUSI, the new grant awarding agency. The 3% cut to the income threshold for the maintenance grant was also to be highlighted.



“The way decision are made in this university is such that a very small number of people, of the staff, in fact 20 per cent of the whole staff make the decisions which affect the rest of the university. That would mean 100 people in all make decisions that affect 10,000.”

Ruairi Quinn, (above), March, 1969.

Fancy that.

Watch here: Student Unrest At UCD (EUscreen)

Mr [Ruairi] Quinn said that said that the Labour Party always supported gay marriage but that the Constitution “defined marriage”. He said civil partnerships had delivered a certain amount of rights to gay couples. However, his “own personal view” is that it would now be something the Constitutional Convention would look at and make recommendations.


Full Gay Marriage Would Require Referendum – Quinn (RTE)

Also: Cork City Council Unanimously Backs Gay Marriage In Landmark Vote (BreakingNews.ie)

(Mark Stedman, Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

And all his balloons would go pop.

Ruairi Quinn at the schools Anti-Bullying Forum in the Clock Tower conference centre, Marlborough Street, Dublin, this morning.

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)