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Anon writes:

Sinn Féin TD John Brady turns up to remove scooters and traffic cones from the  Dargle in Bray [County Wicklow] – photo in current edition of North Wicklow Times…

Fair play, In fairness…


…the scene at 7pm yesterday evening with the same cone and scooter in the same spot

Good times.

Wicklow Times



Jack Reynor tweetz:

This is at Glen Ding in Blessington [Co. Wicklow]. Can people please not do this kind of sh1t in the few beautiful areas we have left in the county please…


Yesterday. Location unspecified.

Bob writes:

So much for the council getting heavy handed with illegal dumpers. This is happening directly opposite a camera (which was either installed by the council or privately, it’s hard to tell). It’s a pretty frequent occurrence in this spot. What happens next is that it’s usually set on fire resulting in the fire brigade having to attend. The cycle continues…

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Courtown beach, county Wexford.

Seems legit.

(Thanks Scooby)



Further to Meath County Council’s bonfire ban

Collywobble writes:

Rubbish collected by “legging it” scallywags on Meath county council land. Reported to them two weeks ago but burned every night since then saving them the bother of lifting it. Councils are indeed d***s!

Yesterday: Flame Retardant