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Ireland 1972 5 Nations

For the weekend that’s nearly in it.

Saturday, January 29, 1972.

The final 5 Nations game between France and Ireland to be staged at Stade Colombes, Paris.

The championship that never was.

Five new Irish caps, all fine, young, inordinately hairy men, They heaved against the veterns de rugby francais and gritted it out for an historic and most unlikely victory (France 9 Ireland 14).

Paul McWeeney writing in the following Monday’s Irish Times said:

It was a sobering thought before the match, when asked if I had ever seen Ireland win at Colombes, to realise that, in fact, only myself and one or two other of my British press colleagues had ever had the pleasure, nor was I all that optimistic that I would ever see it again.


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Photo credit: Lineout Coach


It’s worse than an all boys boarding school.

Ahead of Ireland’s le crunch game against France this weekend, Paul O’Connell, Johnny Sexton and Robbie Henshaw talk about life in camp and the importance of bagman Patrick ‘Rala’ O’Reilly.

Paul O’Connell gushes:

..he’s the most positive man on the planet, he’s the go to man, if you’re feeling low, you can always get a Dairy Milk or some wine gums..

Roll, away.

*flicks towel*

Three Ireland


For the 43 days that are going to be in it.

The Rugby World Cup will be on our screens very shortly, with 48 games live! I have to say that I’m not looking forward to it. I love sport. I watch anything from hurling to horse racing but rugby leaves me cold. It takes three minutes from the set-up of a scrum, which invariably falls down a couple of times, to the eventual appearance of the ball, which is then kicked up to Row Z in the stands.
We then have to suffer the television panel, where the words “players”, “lads”, or “men” will never be used. It will be “guys” all the way. But it is listening to every pub expert talking about Ireland’s success or failure “at the breakdown” that will push me over the edge. I wish our nation all the best in the upcoming games but this “guy” will not be looking for a front seat “at the breakdown”.

Pat Burke Walsh,
Co. Wexford


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