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Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary

This morning.

Ryanair agrees to recognise pilot unions to avert strike (RTÉ)


A Ryanair passenger jet has been escorted into Stansted airport by two RAF fighter jets following a suspected hoax security alert.

Flights were temporaily grounded at the airport as the passneger plane was diverted from its route between Kaunas, Lithuania, and Luton airport in Bedfordshire.

RAF jets escort Ryanair flight to Stansted airport after security alert (Guardian)

An Irish solution for an Irish problem.

Daze and Orla write:

We think Irish women should have the right to choose – along with the thousands of women who marched at the Repeal the 8th rally last weekend in Dublin.

We also think Ryanair, an Irish company, should give free flights to women to come over to England and get their abortions legally.

We’re a young creative team currently on placement at advertising agencies inLondon. We were trained at the School of Communication Arts in solving problems, and this would go some way to solving Ryanair’s terrible PR at the moment, as well as women in the Republic getting safe and legal medical procedures.

Daze And Orla

Notice on Ryanair’s website this evening

Ryanair has complied with regulator demands and updated its website to explain how it will re-route customers.

The airline says it has emailed all of its customers who were affected by its 2,100 flight cancellations.

On its site it acknowledges it is required to offer customers on cancelled flights a full refund option.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) ordered Ryanair to put the information on its site before 5pm on Friday or face possible action.

Ryanair bows to critics over refund advice (BBC)

Nat King Coleslaw writes:

Come for the bizarrely-timed tweet, stay for the replies…


Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary

More cancellations?

Announcing the latest cancellations today the airline’s chief executive, Michael O’Leary, apologised to customers for the second time this month but said the changes were “sensible”.

“We sincerely apologise to those customers who have been affected by last week’s flight cancellations, or these sensible schedule changes announced today,” he said.

“From today, there will be no more rostering-related flight cancellations this winter or in summer 2018.

Slower growth this winter will create lots of spare aircraft and crews which will allow us to manage the exceptional volumes of annual leave we committed to delivering in the nine months to Dec 2017.

We will start a new 12-month leave period on 1 January 2018 in full compliance with EU regulations and the IAA’s requirements.”

“In order to focus on repairing this rostering problem this winter, Ryanair will eliminate all management distractions starting with its interest in Alitalia,” the company said.

Ryanair to cancel flights affecting 400,000 more passengers (Guardian)


Ryanair cabin crew in action

“if we don’t sell enough we will be disciplined, we will be called to Dublin and forced to explain ourselves.

” Today on my early morning flight the average spend per passenger target was just over €1. If there are 180 people on the plane that means that the four crew have to generate sales of €180. It is almost impossible to reach that targets.

And they tell us that if want to get back to a base in our home country or if we want to get promoted or if we want to swap a day with another colleague so we can go to the wedding of our brother then we have to reach our targets.

But they don’t give us realistic targets because they know that if they give us realistic target and we reach them then we might relax and they don’t want us to relax.

That is why on a one hour and 15 minute flight we might have three trolley services plus the gift cart plus the scratchcards.”

Anonymous Ryanair cabin crew member, Irish Times

‘Passengers see our Ryanair uniforms and think we are out to screw them’ (Irish Times)

Yesterday: From The Top

Pic: Shutterstock

Yesterday’s Irish Mail on Sunday


In the Irish Mail on Sunday.

An Irish Ryanair pilot made claims about working for the airline.

They said:

“I’m a Ryanair pilot and, as such, I’m treated like crap and used to it. The way we’re treated is disgusting. That’s why Michael O’Leary trying to make overtures to us now is laughable.

“Like all my colleagues, I’m not allowed a free cup of tea or coffee on the airplane. If we want it, we have to pay, even after flying four sectors [flights] a day. If we forget our wallet, hard luck.

“They even tried to stop us having water. Then the pilots’ union said we had to be allowed water – it was a health and safety issue. So now we’re allowed free water on the airplane. Some of the guys bring in tea bags to put in the hot water, which is nearly the same as free tea.

“But, of course, we’re not allowed to take the cardboard cups, so a lot of guys bring their own cups and tea bags now. That’s how it is in Ryanair.

“My mother, when she’s away in a hotel, empties all the sachets of tea, coffee and hot chocolate into her bag and posts them to me. I do the same in hotels. We all do. Not very glam, eh?

“….After working here for four years, I believe Michael O’Leary hates pilots. He has nothing but contempt for us. If there’s an opportunity for us to be humiliated, Ryanair will take it.

“I’m based out of Stansted but I’m Irish and my family is in Dublin. For personal reasons, I begged to be transferred to Dublin but I was told no, there were no vacancies.

“One day coming back to Dublin, I was sitting on the jumpseat and the pilot told me he was based in Dublin but trying to get transferred to London. That kind of thing is par for the course – if they wanted, they could have facilitated both of us but helping people is not on the Ryanair agenda.

“…For over 20 years, Michael O’Leary has singled out a single group of workers for abuse. I’m not sure why he does this.

“Pilots are really quite simple; we just want to do what we love and earn some money at the same time. But Michael O’Leary is aware of the potential threat pilots have been to other airlines when their union became too powerful.

“Air Berlin today is a great example. About to go bust, it’s being kept afloat by taxpayers to the tune of €150million and what have some pilots done there? Gone on strike. That’s an example of unions being stupid.

“So Ryanair has completely neutered pilots by stamping down on them from day one. It’s no way to treat people, colleagues and partners.

“At HQ in Dublin, there’s a Monday morning meeting of management where everybody shouts and screams at each other, led by O’Leary from the top.

“The operations guys could have seen this [current] crisis coming but they were probably afraid to tell O’Leary, because he’d scream at them.

“I know that some people can’t sleep the night before that meeting and one operations guy had a shoe thrown at him. He’s now left.”


Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary at the airline’s AGM in Dublin yesterday

RTE reports:

Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O’Leary has personally apologised to the airline’s workforce for reputational damage caused by what he described as the “mess” over flight cancellations.

Mr O’Leary has also pledged to meet all Employee Representative Councils over the coming weeks to discuss their grievances.

In a broadcast to staff over an internal channel, he said management were sorry for visiting the crisis on their frontline teams, including pilots, cabin crew, check-in staff and customer service personnel, and praised their work in recent days.

…He said Ryanair had not understood that rostering numbers were low – and had certainly mismanaged the allocation of the four-week blocks of leave to pilots in September and October when they were still running the summer schedule.

He told staff that management were being assured during the summer that they had enough pilots when they clearly did not have enough to be able to allocate leave during those months.

He confirmed that Ryanair will be writing to pilots over the coming days asking those allocated a four-week block of annual leave in October, November or December to please work one of those four weeks.

He pledged to protect the other three weeks of annual leave, and allocate the fourth week later in the year.

…Meanwhile the pilots’ deadline for Mr O’Leary to respond to their demand for negotiations on better contracts has expired.

So far 55 of Ryanair’s 86 bases have rejected Ryanair’s offer of additional pay and deferred bonuses to give back leave.

The next step by either management or pilots remains unclear.

O’Leary apologises to Ryanair staff over ‘cancellation’ mess (RTE)




A full page advertisement taken out by the Allied Pilots Association in tomorrow’s Irish Times weekend edition.