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Symphony Of The Fog – an ongoing celebration of the fogs of San Francisco by photographer Michael Shainblum, who sez of it:

The Fog in the bay area feels like it has a mind of its own. The fog can often times disturb a beautiful sunny day and cover the sky with darkness. There are mixed feelings about the fog, many residents finding it a huge inconvenience and depressing. Where as many residences embrace the fog and its erratic behavior. 


The courtyard of San Francisco City Hall, adorably giraffed by yarnbombing sisters Jill and Lorna Watt as part of an ongoing arboreal /civic knitting project.

Sure isn’t it well for some?



The scene yesterday (above) at 2020 Kettredge Street, Berkeley, California

But the work-visa program that allowed for the exchanges has in recent years become not just a source of aspiration, but also a source of embarrassment for Ireland, marked by a series of high-profile episodes involving drunken partying and the wrecking of apartments in places like San Francisco and Santa Barbara..

The program has been a source of discomfort. James Howard, 24, who went to San Diego in 2011, said it was basically “party central.”
“There were 18 of us sharing a two-bedroom apartment, and the hundreds of Irish students around us were in a similar situation,” Mr. Howard said.

“It was my first time away on my own for any length of time. I’m glad I did it, but once was enough,” he said.
Cahir O’Doherty, the arts and culture editor of The Irish Voice, wrote a column in 2014 expressing distress at “the callous destruction unleashed by these loaded Irish students” of a house rented in the Sunset District of San Francisco.
“If you know the city you’ll know Sunset is one of the more desirable locations in which to buy a home,” he wrote. “So those J-1 students actually caught a big break by being rented to in the first place. Nice payback, guys.”

“They ripped chandeliers from the ceilings, they broke doors and they smashed windows; they even punched holes in the walls,” he wrote. “Then they abandoned the place without a heads-up or a word of apology.”

Classic victim blaming, in fairness.

Deaths in Berkeley Cast Pall on Program (New York Times)

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Shane Barry writes:

[Cork late-1990s GAA football top for kids ]. Found in a Thrift store in San Mateo, California…

Damn they’re. good


Anything good in the the Francisco Examiner?


This afternoon.

CF writes:

“Everyone Relax. It’s a DIFFERENT Dublin…”

baybridge baybridge2

A HD timelapse of the construction of the new Eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge assembled from images captured by Earth Cam over the last five years.

42,000 hours of construction in four minutes.


A CGI homage to the action films of the 70s and 80s from Passion Pictures, written and directed by Dan Sumich:

An ordinary looking guy wakes up one morning feeling the worse for wear and realises he’s run out of milk. As he drags himself out of the house to go and buy some, an extraordinary sequence of events draws him into a journey of mayhem on the streets of San Francisco.


The music video for Kalle Mattson’s ‘Water Falls’ directed by Kevin Parry contains a series of innovative ‘zoom slingshots’ through San Francisco. Explaining to Colossal, Parry sez:

The zooms are done by setting up a camera at each end location and filming the camera zooming in and out. The middle parts are done by putting a camera on the front of my scooter and driving the spanning distance. All that footage is then animated after the fact, only using a very small amount of the frames that were actually filmed. And everything is lined up, cropped, etc. to fit my needs. The spins are done by carefully mapping out a circle around whatever target, and picking roughly 36 locations to shoot a still from. Those photos are then processed, and lined up after the fact.

See all the slingshots as individual motion-sickness inducing, bandwidth gobbling gifs here