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Since 2006, artist Joe Magrum has been touring US cities and taking to the street with sacks of coloured sand which he sprinkles by hand to create huge temporary spiral artworks.

Each one takes up to 8 hours to complete and he estimates he’s created over 550 in the last few years. Magrum, who also paints, has exhibited in various high profile galleries and appeared on Sesame Street.

More of his work here.


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Filmmaker and biomedical researcher Dr Gary Greenberg not only photographed these sand particles at 300x magnification, he also invented and patented the HD 3D microscopes that made the images possible.

The composition and and appearance of sand varies depending on geographical location. These tiny beauties are most likely from the beaches of Hawaii, where Dr Greenberg lives.


Using rakes and, occasionally, a few helpers, San Franciscan artist Andreas Amador heads out to beaches at full moon (when his canvas is at its largest) to create incredible geometric and organic works of sand art which barely last long enough for him to take photographs. Sez he:

As the tide returns and the design dissolves, the beach returning to its unmarked state, I am given the opportunity to contemplate impermanence, to recognize that all things no matter how great or how large will pass.



(The third pic down incorporates one of many marriage proposals to which Amador has added a sandy sparkle)