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Sandymount, last evening.

Katie Killeen tweetz:

Meanwhile, Dublin continues to knock my socks off

Save Poolbeg.

Update: It’s Clontarf! (see comments)

Saturday. Poolbeg Lighthouse, Dublin.

(Thanks Stephen Devine)

Dawn at Sandymount Strand, Dublin yesterday (before the rain).

(Thanks Stephanie Mc Ardle)


Sandymount Strand Dublin yesterday.

(Thanks Luke Brennan)


Ah here.




Sandymount Strand, Sandymount, Dublin 4.

Eclectic picniceers, from left: Dylan Kerr, Megan Russell, Nyisha Chitomdo and Anja Maye.


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This morning.

Rudhain writes:

Planning notices at Sandymount Strand [Sandymount, Dublin 4] car park this morning seeking to build a ‘Secret Headquarters’ with among other things, ‘cats, so many cats‘.
I, for one, welcome our new overlords…


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Puca writes:

Sandymount Strand this morning. Poolbeg towers are safe, hope the incinerator being built next to it will be.


Sandymount Strand, Sandymount, Dublin 4.

Ann Marie Boylan writes:

At lunchtime yesterday. FIVE of these went racing past. Gardai arrived soon after these were taken…



A ‘Ringsend Car’.

Bickerstaff writes:

The vehicles in your Sandymount Chase post reminded me of the original ‘Ringsend cars’ once used to transport passengers across the soggy mudflats of Dublin Bay – a stretch described by one visitor as ‘one of the most horrible stinks of filth I have ever encountered‘.

The cars were simply made and consisted of a frame formed with an axle between two wheels and a bench supported on two shafts slung between them. A bumpy ride!

Francis Elrington Ball, in his History of Dublin, records extremely competitive races by the car drivers on Sandymount strand on their days off.

Pic: South Dublin Libraries


Sandymount, Dublin.



Carlos the Unlit writes:

“Snapped this yesterday evening. Never spotted this happening ever before but the sun set at just the right angle for one Pigeon House smokestack to shade the other. Think it was about 6pm.”