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It’s the time of year when parents have the ultimate sanction of a Naughty or Nice list to make their children behave.

Broadsheet code monkey web master Karl’s partner recalled to him a time when a lump of coal on the mantle would send children into an apoplexy of fear, regret and temporary good behaviour.

So rather than fixing theBroadsheet app in a few moments of his spare time Karl whipped up Santa Report.

Then kids’ mums from all around looked for their own copy and so up onto the iPhone app store it was thrown.

Since it is Christmas apparently we have 10 free copies available – just tap on one of the links on your iPhone


And yes, it is iPhone only, because, sez Karl: “those elves that make the toys can’t code”.

The Santa Report is available on the iPhone App Store for the Scrooge-friendly sum of 89 cents.

Have you a new app you would like to share?  Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie