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Bird’s Super Valu, in Beechmount Shopping Centre, Navan, Co Meath, writes:

Attention all customers! A very sad thing happened in our store last Friday, December 2, someone stole our Santa letter box!

We are worried that as a result those letters won’t reach Santa, so if all our customers can SHARE THIS POST so that the parents can resubmit their children’s letters. It is a very sad day here at Super Valu Beechmount 😢



Bird’s Super Valu (Facebook)

Santa’s letter box stolen from Beechmount (Meath Chronicle)

H/P: Kevin Jenkinson



This afternoon.

GPO, Dublin 1

Santa Claus arrivesd with Rudolf and twins Ann and Maria Connors, to  officially launch the programme of festive events for Dublin At Christmas a partnership initiative between DublinTown, Dublin City Council and the city’s transport providers.

The message is ‘Go To Town‘ and “experience the magic and tradition of Dublin at Christmas time”.

Lighting ceremonies are  taking place from Sunday November 13 until Sunday 27 November across four of Dublin’s iconic city centre locations (see link below)


Dublin At Christmas (Dublin City Council

Leon Farrell/Rollingnews


This morning.

O’Connell Street, Dublin.

Criminally early festivities, ‘Santa: his role in 1916’ commemoration or something else entirely?

We may never know.

Thanks Eoin Healy

200px-Yes,Virginia,ThereIsASantaClausClippingno virginia

Original article in the New York Sun (top) and a controversial 2014 alternative view (above).

Yes or No Virginia?

The Choice Is YOURS.

CX writes:

My brother put together this delightful gift (above) for his niece and nephew. Merry Christmas everyone!

 Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus?


Anita Finucane writes:

This guy hopped on the no.16 bus in Drumcondra [Dublin] this morning. Do you ever get the feeling you’ve seen a person somewhere before?