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A survey has found that half the bacon and pork tested in butchers’ shops was imported. That is despite the fact most of the shops surveyed were signed up to a voluntary code committing them to sourcing their products locally. The Irish Farmers Association put 120 samples of back rashers, bacon joints, and pork chops from 11 butchers around the country through DNA testing to check origin.

Pat O’Flaherty, chairman of the IFA’s national pigs and pigmeat committee, said he was disappointed with the finding that 51% of the products were from abroad. “The level of imported product identified by the DNA testing is compounded by the fact that the country of origin was not displayed in any of the butchers’ stores audited,” said Mr O’Flaherty.

Meanwhile, to meet like-minded individuals for a rasher sanger day or night, there’s always Rindr..

Half of butchers’ pork and bacon was imported (Caroline O’Doherty, Irish Examiner)

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That Denny ad.

The Director’s cut.

Roisin Keown writes

“A shameless Paddy’s Weekend tearjerker/sausage pusher. Filmed by Ken Wardrop (of His & Hers fame) for Antidote.”


Name that choon anyone?

Ruadhan O’Donoghue writes:

Rejoice all ye good-sausage appreciators, for Kearns sausages are back on the shelves. What a wonderful sight to see of a Saturday morning. Anyone know how long they’ve been back?


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Olhausen gone.

Sympathies to the workforce.


Eoin writes:

I didn’t know they made Kearns Sausages too. They are the nicest supermarket sausages that can/could be got.


Receivers Appointed To Olhausens (Irish Times)