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A size comparison of the spaceships of Star Trek by Metaball Studios who qualifies it thus:

Not all the ships of Star Trek. Only the most important.

Photon torpedoes fired.

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Evil Ice Cream Pictures brings the meme du jour to life.

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And in other Trump related mockery, here’s Ozzy Man’s foul mouthed take on The Don’s signature ‘grip ‘n’ pull’ handshake.


Vivian_01 Vivian_08 Vivian_04 Vivian_03 Vivian_02

A photo project showcasing the larger-than-life personality of photographer and illustrator Mitch Boyer‘s dachshund Vivian that has since turned into a Kickstarter-funded childrens’ book.


sculpit0-640x460 sculpit2-640x917 sculpit6-640x960

A giant, four tonne, 6m high set of French doors at a house in Antwerp (apparently the largest ever installed in a private residence) by Belgian architects SculptIT.