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balinteerCSJohn Robert writes [via BS app]:

Ballinteer Community School evacuated and army bomb disposal there. Suspicious material found in lab.





Fiona Foskin writes;

Our school [Coláiste Dhulaigh, Coolock, Dublin] has built this life size living willow sculpture in our school garden as part of the Jcsp [Junior certificate school programme 'demonstration'] library project. It took 10 students 5 days and we are very proud of it.

A rather charming, wet and chewy short directed by Masaki Okuda who explains, (possibly via Google Translate):

The primary schoolboy “Kuchao” is hated person in his class.Even if everyone fly balloons, only he doesn’t part with his it. After school, He springs out of the school in at full speed with a balloon.When he immediately begins to chew a bubble gum which he hid, he enter the imagination world. When his balloon becomes the face and begins to chew a bubble gum,it changes into various things.His imagination makes rapid progress more and his balloon increase steadily. Then, the bird approaches while flying, and…


Remember this guy?

Padraig O’Shea, the school owner who refused admission to a pregnant girl in Borrisoleigh, Co. Tipperary because he had to “uphold morals” in the classroom?

Well, he’s appeared on the Revenue defaulters list for undeclaring income tax in the sum of €705,000 [with interest and whatnot].

Seven hundred thousand and five euros.

Here’s how it went down:

O’SHEA, PÁDRAIG “BORRISOLEIGH, THURLES,” CO. TIPPERARY. PRIVATE SCHOOL OPERATOR €346,059.00 €100,016.00 €259,544.00 €705,619.00 “Underdeclaration of Income Tax. Revenue Deposit Interest Reporting Case.”

Hat tip to @JeremyTaxman 

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