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Last night,

Scientology’s Ideal Org, Firhouse Road, Dublin 24.

Your Best friend writes:

In this video, we can see private security forcefully pulling protester John McGhee off the wall surrounding the Scientology compound.

Please join the protest tomorrow at 2:30 at the building. Scientology are not welcome in Firhouse. I Also wanted to thank whoever the lads were dropping leaflets around Firhouse last night. Leaflet and more info here

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Scientology leader David Miscavige presented the highlights of Scientology’s 2013 at the church’s complex in Clearwater, Forida on New Year’s Eve.

Including a lengthy, hyperbolic and possibly misleading shout-out for Ireland [at 7 mins].


We probably could use more auditing in fairness.

VIDEO: Scientology’s New Year’s Eve celebration — ’2014 belongs to us’ (Tony Ortega)

Thanks Anahita4


Ocean FM Amazed At Inclusion In Scientology Video (OceanFM)