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From top: Senator Neale Richmond; This morning’s ‘The National’

“If the Scottish people decide they want to be independent then of course we would welcome another small independent English speaking country into the European Union The strength of Europe is the strength of its diversity

It’s not just reliant on the strength of its two big economies of France and Germany, or indeed the UK, we look at small member states and what they bring.

Scotland is very similar to Ireland. You could argue that Ireland has been the most benign influence over the European Union in our 45 year history in it.

And from our point of view [another] small English speaking country with a dynamic workforce, which is very inclusive, very welcoming buys into what Europe is really about.”

It’s not just about trade, it’s not just about economics. It’s not about building walls. We as a member remaining in the EU have to think about what a future EU should be.

We have to make sure a future EU is warm, tolerant, open and welcoming. We don’t want walls going up, we don’t want fences and we don’t want the rhetoric of people like Victor Orban [the Hungarian prime minister] or Marine Le Pen [leader of the Front Nationale in France] – that is really retrograde.

As long as Scotland embraces the European mindset – as it is doing – Scotland would bring so much to Europe.

I believe a border poll would be a disaster, at the moment. One day sure I want to see a united Ireland but I’m not in a hurry for it and I’m not sure if the Republic can afford it economically. I think if we rush it through and did it in a bad way it would lead to civil disobedience.

Northern Irish politics at the moment is quite toxic. It’s not in a good place. I am very worried about [political stability there].

I am worried Brexit has thrown a very divisive wedge at the two communities. The vitriol between hard core loyalists and hard core republicans has increased.”

Fine Gael Senator Neale Richmond, chairman of the senate Brexit Committee, speaking to Scotland’s ‘The National’ newspaper as he attended the Scottish National Party (SNP)  conference in Glasgow.

Irish senator Neale Richmond says an independent Scotland would be welcomed back into EU (The National)

For the weekend that’s in it.

Ireland Vs Scotland.

Lansdowne Road, Saturday, February 19, 2000.

Ireland took to the pitch with a quintet of debutants, among them, Ronan O’Gara and Peter Stringer (airborne above), hoping to break a 12-year-long record of defeats.

The victory would usher in a golden era for Irish rugby.

Gerry Thornely, in the following Monday’s Irish Times, wrote:

And with one bound, Ireland were free. Just like that. It’s amazing what a bit of pace and variation, a bit of old-fashioned aggression and a little of confidence and luck can bring. But what a day, what a metamorphosis.

It was scarcely credible really. The sun shone for once gloriously on this normally overcast fixture, Lansdowne Road rediscovered its spirit and even the singing was good.

Any excuse

Ireland v Scotland: 10 Things You Really Should Know (Irish Times, February 21, 2000)

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This afternoon.

Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Scotland rugby fans , from left, Dave Cockburn, Fran Costello, Stevie Douglas all from Edinburgh about to be horrifically overcharged for liquor.



For the weekend that’s in it.

Saturday, March 3rd, 1979.

Ireland travelled to Scotland on a weekend when Edinburgh was dry due to a public service employees strike…

Highlights were few and far between.

Edmund Van Esbeck, writing in the Irish Times said:

A few inches of woodwork was destiny’s determining factor at Murrayfield on Saturday. With six minutes remaining, Colin Patterson crossed for a try in the right corner to bring the scores at 11 points all. Ireland’s ace marksman,

Tony Ward took the conversion attempt and the ball followed an erratic path to the posts, struck the upright and fell the wrong side. Thus, it was that, for the first time in three quarters of a century, Ireland and Scotland played a draw with each side, scoring two tries and a penalty goal…..

Laces out Tony.

Six Nations 2017 (RTÉ Sport)



StrangefishIrish hip-hop superteam from the archives

What you may need to know…

01. Strangefish was/is a collaborative effort between Northern emcee Jee4ce, Belfast beatmaker SertOne, and Limrock cutman(s) Deviant & Naive Ted, operational between 2012 and 2013.

02. This self-titled E.P. was assembled inbetween shiftwork and fits of existential crisis in bedrooms in Liverpool, Dublin and Edinburgh, with ideas and bits flung back and forth over the interwebs.

03. It’s streaming and available for download in the widget above, releasing via Liverpudlian label Fly High Society.

04. The blurb/copy accompanying this record states that this is the “first compilation” from the outfit, implying either more archive material or fresh cuts down the road.

Thoughts: With the recognisable sonic fingerprint of each participant evident, this extended-player provides plenty for Irish hip-hop heads to dig into, while the EP’s digs into psychedelia and playfulness ought to appeal to first-timers.



This afternoon.

President Michael D. Higgins and Sabina Higgins meet Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon in Glasgow, Republic of Scotland along with Donegal Fine Gael TD, Joe McHugh (right).

President Higgins begins trip to Scotland (RTE)

Via President of Ireland

For the weekend that will be in it.

Saturday, March 15, 1986.

From champions to wooden spoon recipients in the space of a year.

At least Edmund van Esbeck was jovial, he wrote:

Often enough in Ireland’s history of involvement in international rugby, defeat has been a visitor to the door.

So Scotland won and gained a share in the championship with France. Ireland lost and take the wooden spoon, yet, in their play the won the crowds’ admiration, their vociferous support and left us considerably encouraged.


Final score: Ireland 9 Scotland 10

Retro Rugby on Broadsheet.ie


Gordon D’Arcy: Confident Scotland can tear up Ireland’s winning script


Lansdowne Road Nua, this afternoon.

Conor McNamara tweetz:

Bring your kid to Ireland v Scotland in Dublin. Buy them a scarf… Hang on, what? 

Needs more half-and-halfs.