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Street musician and Accademia Musicale di Ariccia graduate Dario Rossi’s techno beats using pots, pans, chains, buckets and scrap metal.

More beats here.



A row as big as a FIGHT!

Brendan McK writes:

“I spotted this before I left for work this morning ,two local ladies fighting on Belvedere place, Just off Mountjoy Square [Dublin]. At 9am!”

A really rather nifty six feet long, two feet high fully articulated Tyrannosaurus Rex made from transmission parts, plumbing pipe and other scrap metal bits and pieces by artist Andrew Chase.

This will surely be in the robo-vanguard when all humans are eventually killed.


A Mercedes-Benz 300SL ‘Gullwing’, Porsche Spyder and pre-war Auto Union Grand Prix racer made entirely from reclaimed car parts and random bits of scrap metal by German firm Giganten Aus Stahl – exhibited at this years Frankfurt Motor Show.

Scrap, but not cheap. The Gullwing costs €69,000 and you can tow the Porsche and Auto Union away for €39,000 and €54,000 respectively.

MORE PIX: Turning scrap metal into German classics is our kind of recycling program (Autoblog)