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Even uglier in daylight.

Signage at the Screen Cinema, Townsend Street, Dublin in 1987 (top) and this afternoon (above)

The neon lettering [emblazoned above the cinema since its opening in 1984] was removed without notice or permission by owners IMC. They claimed the sign was beyond repair.

Laura asks:

“Why? WHY?”

Writing On The Wall For Screen Cinema (Laurence Macklin, Irish Times, February 7)


In this nerdly but fascinating module of the FimmakerIQ course ‘Everything You Need To Know About Aspect Ratio’, John Hess traces the evolution of the screen shape from the days of silent film via the widescreen 50s to the modern digital camera.

It’s literally everything you need to know about aspect ratio.

Watch this and you’re done.



20130606-11372316-monophone1 20130606-11372316-monophone2

My God. It’s full of Apps…

Stupid Calculations has worked out that – tiled and stacked together – the 352,292,000-odd iPhones sold since the launch in 2007 would form a one-iPhone thick monolith screen (based on the average screen area of all iPhone models) 868m wide and 1,542m tall – wider than Central Park and taller than any skyscraper in Manhattan.

More stats on the 2001: A Space Odyssey style monophone here.


The AutoMee, a tiny robot cleaner for smartphones and tablets, takes about four minutes to clean the face of an average sized touchscreen phone and twice as long for a tablet. The single AA battery is good for three hours of cleaning and it’s programmed to move in random patterns, using an edge sensor to ensure full coverage.

Available from the end of March for ¥1575 (€12.70).