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Three recent unveiled gigantic kinetic sculptures by Utah artist Anthony Howe entitled Di-Octo, In Cloud Light III, and Switchback.

Despite the smooth elegance of their movement, each wind powered structure (lab tested before being installed outdoors) weighs nearly three quarters of a tonne.

More of his work here.


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Japanese artisan Yasuo Okazaki demonstrates the Naruko Kokeshi style of crafting dolls from spinning wooden blocks in this deeply satisfying video by Te to Te to Te. To wit:

The Naruko style of Kokeshi developed at Naruko hot springs. One of the unique characteristics of these Kokeshi is that their heads squeak when turned. They have kind faces and flared shoulders and skirts. The stripes at the top and bottom of the body are painted on the lathe, and the body is often painted with a chrysanthemum motif. The bangs are painted like the dolls sent as gifts from the Imperial Palace. Naruko Kokeshi wear a red headdress.