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A very satisfying, possibly ASMR-inducing video from the Magnetic Games channel in which footage of magnetic sculptures being broken down is played in reverse.

Headphones and full screen for maximum frisson.


A recent compilation from kinetic sculptor Theo Jansen showcasing the latest iterations of his extraordinary wind and solar-powered beach walkers. One day, the creator has expressed his wish:

…to put these animals out in herds on the beaches, so they will live their own lives.


Previously: Animaris Mulus


An aquatic sculpture by artist Jason deCaires Taylor semi submerged in a paradisal coral lagoon in the Maldives (yes, another one).

Guests wade across 150m of shallow water from the nearby resort island of Sirru Fen Fushi to the 6m tall stainless steel cube whose figurative human, plant and coral shapes can be explored above and below the water.

And then everyone goes back to the resort and has a good long think about what just happened.



A 9 meter tall Dalmation balances a real taxi (a donated Toyota Prius sans engine but with working lights and windscreen wipers) on its nose in a new public art sculpture by Donald Lipski in New York, designed to welcome visitors to the Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital.

In fairness.


Casting Couch: A pre-Oscars collaboration on Hollywood Boulevard by British street artist  Plastic Jesus and ‘Naked Trump’ artist Joshua “Ginger” Monroe.

Creepy ‘Casting Couch’ Statue Depicting Weinstein Appears Ahead of Oscars (NBC)

Behold the extremely pleasing and ingenious 100-sheet Omoshiro (‘fun’) Block – elegant Japanese stationery by Triad where the cumulative peeling off of notes ‘excavates’ an intricate laser-cut 3D paper sculpture.

Right now the blocks are expensive (¥4000 to ¥10,000 or around €30 to €75 each) and available only at locations in Osaka and Kyoto. With luck (and sustained pressure from stationery geeks the world over) this may change