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New York based artist Danny Rozin makes interactive art in the literal sense.

Some of his best known works are actuated ‘mirror sculptures’ which track the silhouettes of viewers via video sensors, translating them into real time kinetic reflections.

Above: Weave Mirror (2007), Angles Mirror 2013), Trash Mirror No. 3 (2011) and Fan Mirror (2013)


toni-kanwa-cosmology-of-life-designboom-01toni-kanwa-cosmology-of-life-designboom-07toni-kanwa-cosmology-of-life-designboom-04toni-kanwa-cosmology-of-life-designboom-06toni-kanwa-cosmology-of-life-designboom-02toni-kanwa-cosmology-of-life-designboom-08 toni-kanwa-cosmology-of-life-designboom-09Cosmology of Life is Indonesian artist Toni Kanwa’s collection of 1000 intricately carved, needle-sized ritualistic figures displayed on a lit table at the 2013 Singapore Biennale.

Magnifying glasses allow less-than-hawk-eyed viewers to observe the miniscule figures – each of which has its own teeny-tiny energy and character.

These miniature, talisman-like sculptures were intuitively carved and shaped by Kanwa to express his worldview of nature, spirituality, and the macro and micro cosmos. His creative process follows a special ritual, informed by his past investigations of sacred knowledge and practices in Indonesia, where he dialogues with the material and medium used before beginning to sculpt.