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Strandhill, Co Sligo last year (top) and tonight (above).

Denise Rushe writes:

Did the weather do it or did someone steal the public art piece from Strandhill beach front?

The wily winds of the Wild Atlantic way?

A criminal surfing gang stealing abstract sculpture to order?

We may never know, bro.

Bottom pic via The Strand Bar (Facebook)

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Photographer Patrick Joust’s images of 40 gigantic, 3 tonne busts of American presidents mouldering away in a field on a private farm in Virginia.

Originally commissioned as the centerpiece of Presidents Park – a ten acre site in Williamsburg opened in 2004 and shut six years later on foot of poor attendance.

Redolent of similarly apocalyptic symbols of human folly and simian demagoguery seen, for example, in Planet of The Apes.

Or Donald Trump’s campaign. 

More here.

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