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Salthill Beach, Galway, County Galway

John Gallen writes:

Two seal pups, Lilo and Tinkerbell, were released back into the sea… Tinkerbell was the smallest pup they’ve had to nurse at 6.5kg when found.B oth were found along the Galway coast and nursed in Wexford and returned to familiar seas. The two women who found the pups got the honour of opening the container box / cage to set them free in the sea again.It was quite lovely in fairness :)


‘sup guise?

The striking River Dodder-in Dublin-city-based wildlife photography of Mark Buckley.

The cosmic ballet continues.


Wildlife of the Dodder (Mark Phelan)

Thanks Liam Phelan


On the Blaskets, Co Kerry today.

Two seals were discovered on Tramore Beach, Co Waterford (above) during the past 24 hours with gunshot wounds.

From Irish Seal Sanctuary

The Irish Seal Sanctuary was horrified to learn that adult grey seals were coming ashore dying from bullet wounds to their heads. The first, a mature bull seal had been shot with what appears to be a .22 bullet to the head. Had this been an authorised shooting under license from the NPWS [National Parks and Wildlife Service] it would have been shot with a weapon capable of  killing it outright.


Illegally shot seals At Tramore, County Waterford (IrishSealSanctuary)