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The White House

Irish journalist takes a selfie/photo-of-ceiling during Donald Trump and Enda Kenny St Patrick press conference in the Oval Office.

It’s not about YOU.



The local guys were already complaining in the White House press room. They’d never before seen such an unmerciful scramble. “I’m surprised they even have TV in Ireland,” a cameraman was overhead snarking to a colleague…


Media goes wild for Trump, but the feeling is not mutual (Miriam Lord, IrishTimes)



Following a spate of selfie related accidents, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has released a handy icon-based visual guide.

You have been warned.

MORE: The Russian Government Has Released a Safe Selfie Guide (Dazed)



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Laura Gaynor writes:

So RTÉ’s mojocon are running this competition where you have to do a news-report using exclusively a mobile device.I thought I’d send something in, I call it: “The News, in Selfies.”.I strongly believe selfie sticks should be used by journalists. So in that regard, I’d be really interested in hearing what you think.

Be nice.