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The plot of Breaking Bad neatly truncated by Cineytele into one minute in the style of a 1A4 Studio speedrun on the occasion of the series’ first transmission 10 years ago this week.

Spoiler alert, eh, we suppose.


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Inspired by Jacob T. Swinney’s compilations of the first and final frames of selected films, Celia Gómez follows suit with her own version, featuring TV series from Hannibal to Friends.

Is there anything to be gleaned from such juxtapositions aside from spoilers?

You be the judge.

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Jason Steele of Filmcow is currently funding via Kickstarter to create the fifth and final episode of the web legend that is Charlie the Unicorn. Sez he:

When the original “Charlie the Unicorn” video got such an enthusiastic response after its release (way back in 2005!) I decided to write a roadmap for the series. In the time since then I’ve produced three additional episodes, all following that roadmap. I love the series, and I really didn’t want to mess up what made it special by pumping out a bunch of episodes without good reason. If I did that, it would be Garfield.  Every episode would involve Charlie throwing himself into a pan of lasagna and then assaulting a dog. What a world that would be.

With a month to go, he’s already achieved twice the 25,000 target.

So that’s a thing that’s happening then.

Here, in case you haven’t already watched it several times – is the series so far.


263a204bbd6dbf0dab37dcd7d2ee293ba65fa1fd039088f04a61bf5e1ba4d615Breaking Bad: The Complete Series (Blu Ray) (€170) – all 62 episodes, 55 hours of bonus features, a new 2-hour documentary and – perhaps best of all – a Los Pollos Hermanos apron: housed inside a black barrel which true fans will immediately go and bury in the desert.



A trailer for ‘Zombie Island’ – the first episode of ADHD’s new animated series of Ethan and Malachai Nicolle’s Axe Cop, which premiered at Wonder Con Anaheim on Saturday.

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