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Based on two earlier very watchable experimental animations (Yellow Sticky Notes and Ode To A Post-It Note) director Jeff Chiba Stearns and a 14 other Canadian animators reflect on a single day in their lives using the medium of black pen on yellow adhesive rectangle.

Particpants: Paul Driessen, Cordell Barker, Lillian Chan, Malcolm Sutherland, Alison Snowden, David Fine, Chris Hinton, Jeff Chiba Stearns, Marv Newland, Louise Johnson, Joel Mackenzie, Jody Kramer, Jonathan Ng, Howie Shia, Janet Perlman



For your consideration.

A stark short with decent Irish spoken verse.

By the The Inner Circle Collective.

Who say:

In the North Dublin suburbs, familial and interpersonal pressures resonate not just through domestic, social and communal lives; but also through generations. “But I Married Your Ma Instead” looks at how the regularity and painful dissolution of marriage and family life is ingrained in every function of working class existence.

shortsFree Saturday?

Spaghetti Hoop writes:

Happenings, in association with Waterways Ireland, presents a very special selection of Irish short films, all connected with our love of swimming. This Saturday afternoon from 4.30pm four award-winning films
will be projected from the Happenings barge in Grand Canal Dock [Dublin]


Featuring Deep End Dance by Conor Horgan; The Swimmer by Fergal McCarthy; Real Men Don’t Wear Togs directed by Jennifer Keegan and produced by Anna Devlin and Marina Hughes, and last Summer’s Grand Canal-based Becoming Men by Ross Killeen.

Completely FREE.

Bring your own tay.

Swimming Shorts: a Screening of Irish short films in Grand Canal Dock (FilmIreland)

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