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A vibrant four-minute dose of nightmare fuel for the Mastodon track Sultan’s Curse created by Hey Beautiful Jerk and illustrator Skinner taken from from an hour of animation created for the Atlanta metallers’ recent world tour.

Sound up. Hair down.


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Trick Mist – Cracking Settlement

Of this latest video from his  EP ‘Jars in Rows’, Manchester-based Irish trad/electronica Gavin ‘Trick Mist’ Murray writes:

I’ve invited film makers to give their own visual interpretation of each song, entirely free from my input. The video for this tin whistle driven, electronic song was made by Graham Patterson. It’s stark and manages to be both restless and serene. If anyone in Spiddal saw some fella running around in the middle of the night with a torch and an iphone at arms length it was probably Graham making this video!

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Your Brass Angel – Trick Mist

Manchester based electonica/tradster Gav of Triick Mist writes:

This is video No.3 from the ‘Gaps Series’. These are videos made for my EP ‘Jars in Rows’ but without my involvement in the process. Multiple artists were invited to respond to a song from the EP and in turn create a reactionary piece of video work based solely on their perception. This video created by video artist, director, editor Graham Patterson features loads of mouths floating around the place. I reckon Samuel Beckett would have definitely buzzed off it! ‘Jars in Rows’ EP is out now.

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Harbour by Half Of Me

Luke from New York based Irish band Half Of Me writes:

We will be launching our next single ‘Blastoice’ in The Workman’s Club on Fri November 6th. The single was recorded with Dave Prendergast in Clique Recording studios and will be available on iTunes/Spotify. We will also be perfoming at HWCH this year in Bad Bob’s on Thurs Oct 2nd @ 9PM.

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CC Brez – Her Alibi

Cormac ‘CC Brez’ Breslin [former Republic of Loose guitarist, don’t you know] writes:

Here’s a video for my latest single. Directed by Stephen Mogerly. The track is available for free from the link in the credits section. I hope you enjoy.

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(H/T Pete Ruotolo)

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Dig Up by Dublin band After the Ibis

Video director Cormac Ó Conaire sez:

The video is completely inspired by the lyrics. I loved how Dig Up (taken from the début album Busy Waiting) could be interpreted as either deeply introspective or as socio-political commentary …on being judged by material worth. The narrative of the video was based on cold, inanimate particles slowly coming to life, becoming colourful and evolving into something beautiful… As Carl Sagan said were all made of star stuff.


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A rather good video for 共感覚おばけ (best guess: ‘Haunted Synesthesia’) by Japanese band Sasanomaly, directed by Atsushi Makino.