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SissyDublin agitpop punk trio

What you may need to know…

01. Lo-fi, noisy and aggressive, precisely the way agitpop ought to be. That’s Sissy in a nutshell, a pissed-off, Sleater-Kinney-riffing outfit grappling with gender inequality and other issues facing women in Irish society.

02. September 2014 saw the release of the band’s debut extended-player on cassette, featuring pro-choice anthem Sail and Rail, followed by 2015 EP Gave Birth to a Mum.

03. Streaming above is the latter, also available for download and physical purchase on 7″ from their Bandcamp.

04. Also available for pre-order is Put Ears on Yourself Vol.1, a split single releasing soon via Art for Blind Records, featuring the band’s new track Nice Guy, an affront to “nice guy” syndrome and the privilege that accompanies.

Thoughts: The kind of band our society needs at a time when there’s still a fair amount of bullshit, both current and legacy, to be speaking up against.



Last Saturday.

At the Rise and Repeal march in Dublin.

By Mark Malone, who sez:

Here’s a wee edit of Saturday’s abortions rights march as it rounded the corner at Merrion Square. I filmed for close to an hour and a half as tens of thousands of people passed. Here’s what it looks like sped up into three minutes…

Music: SISSYSail and Rail

Abortion Rights Campaign

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