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“We were saddened to hear of the death of [alleged internet critic of the parents of Madeleine McCann] Brenda Leyland. It would be inappropriate to speculate or comment further at this time.”

A Sky News statement today on the death of Brenda Leyland who apparently took her own life after being accused of internet trolling by reporter Martin Brunt.

Brenda Leyland dead: Martin Brunt and Sky News face online backlash following death of Madeleine McCann parents’ ‘troll’ (Independent.co.uk)

Sack Martin Brunt (Facebook)



He’s fallen out of love with a piece of technology.

“The main story in sport is not TV3 winning the World Cup, because it was a bid, they bid more than than the other guys, it was a simple bid, right. However, the decision of the GAA to sell the rights to SKY is far more dramatic – for the future of Gaelic Games in this country.
It’s not actually about paying for the matches – it is that it will mean an inexorable drive now to professionalism in Gaelic Football and Hurling. That means that Gaelic Football will eventually become – and Hurling will become the province of about 150 players who will be highly paid, then the whole idea of Gaelic Games – the parish and all that will be gone – a bit like rugby – gone.”

Rugby pundit and former Sky shill George Hook on TV3′s Tonight with Vincent Browne last night.

Any excuse

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Behind a Little House Behind a Little House Behind a Little House Behind a Little House Behind a Little House Behind a Little House Behind a Little House Behind a Little HouseItalian photographer Manuel Cosentino found a tiny house on a featureless hill and returned to capture images of the changing sky and light behind it – shooting from the exact same location over two years.

Currently exhibiting at the Klompching Gallery in New York until August 10th, the photos are mounted on a wall behind a book of reproductions of the white sky image – inviting viewers to draw their own versions of what might appear behind the little house. Cosentino sez:

The first photograph starts the series with a Big-Bang-like explosion and sets everything into motion, the last is a new beginning – it represents that piece of “carte blanche” that we are all given with our lives. By drawing in the book anyone is at the same time breathing life into it, keeping it alive page after page, and is also responsible for his or her contribution within a wider context.