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A few of the birds which went missing from Marlay Park, Rathfarnham in March

In March.

At Marlay Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 16.

Several rare exotic birds from the park’s aviary went missing during the snowfall.

Further to this…

Cónal Thomas, in the (newly overhauled) Dublin Inquirer, writes:

Des King’s diamond doves, New Zealand kākārikis and budgerigars are still missing.

They have been since March, when heavy snowfall covered the aviary in Marlay Park, and some of it collapsed. Around twenty-four exotic birds escaped.

The enclosure was buried under 10 or 15 inches of snow. So it’s little surprise it caved in, says King, who has been aviary watchman there since 2013.

“The snow blew up in drifts onto the roof,” he says.

In the last six months, he has tracked down 10 of the birds and brought them home, with the public’s help. More than half of those that escaped are still on the loose, though

Six Months After the Snow, Exotic Birds Are Still Missing from Marlay Park (The Dublin Inquirer)

Pic: Rathfarnham Gardening Club (Facebook)

A woman walking in the snow in Glasnevin on March 4

I note that the current hospital bed crisis is in part due to pressure from slip and falls that occurred during the recent storm.

One contributing factor must be our apparent inability to clear snow from public paths and around homes.

This is not due to laziness or lack of civic pride but rather equipment failure.

I cleared 20 metres of snow at 8am each morning with a €7 snow-shovel.

I noticed other people using spades, garden hoes and even fireside shovels in futile attempts to keep paths clear.

What would be the cost saving to thousands of €7 shovels being left in town centres and on street corners during such weather events – allowing us all to play our part in keep this country moving and injuries down?

We could even allocate Tidy Towns points for additional motivation!

Adrian Mulryan,
Dún Laoghaire,
Co Dublin.

For the price of a shovel (Irish Times letters page)

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews


Griffith Avenue, Drumcondra, Dublin 9

Ruben Fields writes:

Saying goodbye to Winter….


Seán Tack…berry tweets:

Great few days out wandering, taking snaps, having fun and ‘working from home’ in Ranelagh (Dublin 6)


Dublin 8 this morning.


Phoenix Park, Dublin yesterday.

Dublin yesterday

Victor Karu writes:

Feed the birds…they are struggling


This morning.

Ten inches of snow in Mitchelstown, Co Cork.


Thanks Terri

This morning.

In Midleton, Co Cork.

Frank writes:

“Don’t forget to get a little food to our feathered friends. They need our help!”

This morning.

Glasnevin, Dublin 9.


The shelter indoors warning has been lifted as blizzard conditions caused by Storm Emma have passed, although a red weather warning remains in place for Munster, Leinster and Co Galway.

An orange alert is in place for the rest of the country.

…People are being urged not to drive anywhere unless it is absolutely necessary.

Storm in a teacup?

YOU decide.

‘No unnecessary journeys’ as red warning remains (RTÉ)

Last night: Snowverkill


This morning.

Dublin City Centre.

Oh, the humanity.