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Possibly timed to coincide with last night’s season 2 premiere of Better Call Saul, this musical tribute to Breaking Bad by John D. ‘Melodysheep’ Boswell uses samples of the characters’ dialogue, with Jessie’s trademark wealth descriptor as the chorus.


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“the house is in the wife’s name but I didn’t bother telling her”

Quentin the property developer apologises to the country.

He seems nice.

Performed by Liam Hourican.

‘Lurching piano’ by Peter Crann.

(Thanks David Crann)


Nialler 9
Give me a sign
Nialler 9
Now is the time
Nialler 9
Help me to find
Where I’m supposed to go

Sitting in my room trying to induce a state of panic
Trying to establish the existence of free will
But I cannot do it and so now I understand it
Now I understand why people kill

Sitting in my room trying to induce a state of wellness
Wondering if I will gain admission to your club
But finding out if she is there will only make me jealous
Now I understand why people love

What is the reason for the seasons do you know?
Why have I the feeling that she will have to go?

A trippy tribute to music blogger and DJ Nialler9 (of Nialler9’s Gig of The Week)

Part of a series of Songs Named After Music Blogs