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Kilkenny native David O’Reilly creator of The External World and Please Say Something adds another string to his bow.

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Mr Hankey The Christmas Poo.and actual toilet roll.

Simon Doyle writes:

Festive whiteboard, D2…

Mr Hankey?

Lonely Xmas office/home scenes to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie


Minimalist caricatures for LEGO’s Imagine print-ad campaign by German agency Jung von Matt.

Not an entirely original concept, and we reckon they missed a trick by not using this one, but still.


Instructables user, BrittLiv made a dead Kenny-From South-Park doorstop.

The legs, boots, and pool of blood are made out of sugru, a moldable type of silicone. The rest is composed of a thin rubber mat, wood, and modeling clay.