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A compelling, award-winning and inevitably Oscar-bothering short by Hungarian animator Réka Bucsi.

The universe. Let her show you it.


In the first instalment of a new series about space exploration, web education channel Kurzgesagt explains how we could easily colonise the moon within 10 years, assuming we could afford to do such a thing.

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Another excellent animated explanation by educational design studio Kurzgesaght – in this case, the what, why, where and whuh of wormholes:

Previously: Plastic, People


Using the vintage effect of blending colourful liquids and chemicals to simulate nebulae and galaxies (a technique employed in films like 2001: A Space Odyssey) Nicolas Arnol visualises ‘the uncharted territories of outer space’.


Designed by Tato Architects within the confines of a narrow metal shell on a restricted plot in Osaka, Japan, One Room House is a continuous, unpartitioned spiral of corrugated metal platforms supported by steel beams and  pipes.

Forget privacy, but the expanse of white metal is partly softened by wooden steps that join each tier of the house, terminating in a roof garden.


This afternoon.

Upper Camden Street, Dublin 2

Robloughlin.ie tweetz:

Chopped off at the pass @ChoppedIRL and #damascasgate takin up the whole footpath…


Con Kennedy writes:

I suppose the Australian Research and Space Exploration agency could boldly go and wipe Klingons of the surface of Uranus…


Ah now.

Friscondo writes:

And then there’s this (above)…

An experimental art film by Maxim Zhestkov featuring the movement of over two billion black and white spheres in a series of enclosed spaces.

The physics of each animation (flow, diffusion, pressure, etc.) is displayed by subtle text on the walls of each space. Zhestkov sez:

The film is a trial to explore the idea that everything around us and inside us is made from simple elements or blocks which can be arranged in complex relationships and become compound structures. We could project this idea into emotions, behaviors, thought processes, relationships, life, planets and the universe.

Now for yiz.