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Philip Austin Collins, nephew of Phil.

He could be the genesis of the whole operation.

Allegedly arranged the recruitment services of Melissa Reid and Michaella McCollum to smuggle drugs from Peru to Spain while in jail.

A police source told the Daily Mail:

“Officers have confirmed the link between the arrested women and the mafia allegedly led by Philip Austin Collins whose organisation tends to use drug mules from the UK.”


Meanwhile a spokesman for Uncle Phil Collins said:

“This has nothing to do with my client so there is no comment to be made.”


via DailyMail

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Pure Mules

It’s where they used the hold Burning Man.

Spain Offers Residency To Anyone Buying A Home Worth More Than £130,000 In Bid To Save Its Housing Market (Mail Online)

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Falls mainly on the 99 per cent.

The woman, 33, said that she had once worked at the post office but that her unemployment benefits had run out and she was living now on 400 euros a month, about $520. She was squatting with some friends in a building that still had water and electricity, while collecting “a little of everything” from the garbage after stores closed and the streets were dark and quiet.

Such survival tactics are becoming increasingly commonplace here, with an unemployment rate over 50 percent among young people and more and more households having adults without jobs. So pervasive is the problem of scavenging that one Spanish city has resorted to installing locks on supermarket trash bins as a public health precaution.


Austerity, que?

Spain Recoils as Its Hungry Forage Trash Bins for a Next Meal (Suzanne Daley, New York Times)

(Samuel Aranda/NYT)

That’s Spanish for double standards.

Which Paddy hates.

The European Central Bank declined to comment on a report that it had recommended that senior bondholders should take losses in the event of a restructuring of Spanish bank debt.

A report in the Wall Street Journal today said ECB President Mario Draghi advocated imposing losses on senior bondholders issued by “the most severely damaged” Spanish savings banks at a meeting of European Union finance ministers on July 9.


ECB Declines to Comment on Spanish Bank Bond Loss Report in WSJ (Bloomberg)

“Spanish policy makers are considering forcing investors who hold equity and junior debt in banks to absorb losses in a restructuring, according to a person with knowledge of the plan. Such burden sharing is among conditions being negotiated with the European Union in a 100 billion-euro ($126 billion) rescue for Spain’s financial industry.”


Spain Said to Weigh Imposing Losses on Junior Bank Bondholders (Bloomberg)

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