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This afternoon.

Leinster House, Dublin 2

Drain the swamp while you’re at it, amirite.

Sam Boal/Rollignnews



The shadow of a giant gull?

We may never know.

3 4  5


Unspecified farm, County Kildare..

Blummin’ gambolling messers.

Eamonn Farrel/lRollingnews







Our Emily O’Callaghan writes;

Witnessed this yesterday along the [Royal] Canal [behind Croke Park], the heron swallowed it whole! Like a snake eats! The local guy with the boat we were in said he had never seen one do that in all his years. I managed to get these shots with my camNOMNOMNOMNOM

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 13.41.38

Collywobble writes:

“First daffs of the year? In Co. Meath.”


Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 16.51.08

C writes:

“In Donnybrook, Dublin 4, two weeks ago.”

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Googlepuns writes:

Spring has sprung at last in Arbour Hill [Dublin 7]….

They’re just weeds.

Thanks Amanda

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Jacks CottageDaffs at Jacks

This afgternoon.

Muireann O’ Neill writes:

My friend Bridie Brittain and gardener extraordinaire is delighted to see her garden coming to life. Incidentally, you’ll find these Daff at Jack’s Cottage, Aglish, Waterford…

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Stumpy writes:

We’re probably in danger of passing the point of some kind of photography law of diminishing returns, but here’s a couple of snaps taken this morning on a project monitoring visit. Spring has definitely sprung.


You do know they are in facts weeds?

Mr P sez:

Leeson Street, Dublin, this afternoon


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