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Devin Graham’s film of this year’s Festival of Colours at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Utah.

Holi, or Phagwa, celebrated by Hindus around the world on the last full moon of the lunar month, involves the throwing of brightly coloured powders to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

Meanwhile, in India…

Holi 2013: The Festival of Colors (The Atlantic)


As the slow motion sequences in this Veritaserum video show, when a fully extended slinky suspended from above is dropped, the bottom coils hang motionless in the air – seemingly defying gravity – until the rest of the falling Slinky catches up.

(a) Is this the work of Beelzebub and his horny minions?
(b) Are the top and bottom of the Slinky accelerating towards its center of mass as the center of mass accelerates downward?
(c) Are you hearing this song in your head right now?

THE SCIENCE: Modeling a falling Slinky (Wired)