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Mark Hamill and the late Carrie Fisher photographed on the set of The Last Jedi by Annie Leibovitz.

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Blummin’ undocumented aliens.

Deeply Worrying Rock Fall On Skellig Michael (Independent, April12)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer features Skellig Michael (Irish Times)

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A meta Bad Lip Reading of The Force Awakens with voice actor and Episide VII climactic scene stealer Mark (Luke Skywalker) Hamill playing the part of Han Solo.


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A new installment of Cinefix’s 8-bit Cinema with minor spoilers that will be of little consequence to anyone who’s already waited this long to see the film.


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Sarah Jeong’s comprehensive geeknalysis of the storage formats of Star Wars. To wit:

Upon reviewing the Star Wars canon of movies (no animated films or shows, and no Expanded Universe content, which now exists in a purgatory of maybe-canon), it’s become clear to me that that the galaxy is crippled by an abundance of disk formats, with all of the accompanying interoperability issues that we see on our own planet. Every time the Rebel Alliance changes bases, they must be lugging around a spaceship full of drives, both new and obsolete, to read every possible format.

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