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The new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer reviewed by the former Ben Solo. To wit:

What’s up everyone? It’s your boy, Kylo.


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A really rather excellent sixth scale representation of Peter Cushing’s Star Wars character from A New Hope, digitally reprised in Rogue One (complete with high backed chair and three interchangeable sets of hands).

€200 from action figure supremos Hot Toys.

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Mark Hamill and the late Carrie Fisher photographed on the set of The Last Jedi by Annie Leibovitz.

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Blummin’ undocumented aliens.

Deeply Worrying Rock Fall On Skellig Michael (Independent, April12)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer features Skellig Michael (Irish Times)

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A meta Bad Lip Reading of The Force Awakens with voice actor and Episide VII climactic scene stealer Mark (Luke Skywalker) Hamill playing the part of Han Solo.