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TravellersYou may recall the street art depicting Travellers pointing to places in Dublin, across from Maureen’s shop in Stoneybatter, Dublin.

Well the artist Shota Kotake, from Japan, has taken it down.

The On The Batter blog reports:

“The figures were not stolen, as some had predicted, but taken down by the artist himself after a visit from the boys in blue.

“Shota explained: ‘We took them down as gardaí called into our house last week about it. A night before that a neighbour knocked on our door at 11pm to complain about it. Well, the cops were quite sound. They said there was more than one complaint. So it’s not really against any law or anything, but we all agreed that they have to be taken down at some stage as Travellers are a bit too sensitive a subject to bring upon the surface.’”

He also told On The Batter that he’ll be back with something ‘brighter and more fun’.

Stoneybatter street art update (On The Batter)

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vs-banksy-0092-600x450 vs-banksy-0101-600x450

At this point, if Banksy farted in a bottle, it would sell for a lot [...] Hundreds raced to swarm around his NYC pieces every day all this month. But 10 years ago in May of 2003, Banksy’s first New York art exhibit was a small and humbly-attended affair in the expanded space of a Triple Five Soul retail store on Lafayette.

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