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Last week.

You may recall this.

Georges Quay, Dublin 1

Portuguese environmental artist Artur Bordalo (aka Bordalo II) and his Dublin installation, ‘Red Squirrel’ on the Workshop Gastropub.

Filmmakers Trevor Whelan, Rua Meegan write

We have been filming Bordalo for over two years and fought very hard to bring such an incredible artist to share his work with Dublin.

The construction of Bordalo’s Irish installation was filmed over five days for an Irish Film Board funded documentary ‘Bordalo II A life of waste‘ which will premiere this year.

The purpose of our documentary is to illustrate the motivation and creativity behind the career of trash art sculptor Artur Bordalo, with the intention of raising a global awareness about the environmental consequences of our wasteful society and entertaining them through the artistry and ingenuity captured in Bordalo’s works.

Bordalo’s effort to make this piece was inspiring to be around. It was an incredible week and we could not have made this happen without the support of our friends, family, Dublin city council and many local business’s who’s generosity was unbelievable.

Seeing people’s reaction to the work has made the countless hours worth it. We hope it adds to and encourages more work like this in our country from homegrown and international talents.

Bordalo II


My goodness.

Dublin filmmaker Trev Whelan writes:

Here is a piece I had the pleasure of making with a great crew in Berlin. It was inspiring to discover and work with an artist like [Portugal-born] Bordalo Segundo [known as Bordalo II] creating this stunning installation “Froelicher Tucan” as part of the ‘Trash Animal’ series.

Many of Bordalo II’s materials are scavenged from scrap yards, abandoned factories and other urban wastelands. and puts a literal face on our growing mountains of waste, As he says himself: “The idea is to depict nature itself — in this case, animals — out of materials that are responsible for its destruction.” Check out his work here