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Animator Kevin Parry (even he of 100 Walks) – for whose job an intimate understanding of the characteristics of motion is key – demonstrates 50 different ways to take a seat.


Comparative studies taken from a 2014 book chronicling an ongoing 20 year project by Dutch conceptual artist and photographer Hans Eijkelboom showing how, at least in terms of street apparel, we are more victims of a homogenised transnational monoculture than we like to think.

More here.

People of the 21st Century (Hans Eijkelboom, Phaidon)


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A collaborative short by Chris Guyot, The Rusted Pixel and John Poon. To wit:

‘a collection of individual narratives unified by a cohesive style’



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A new 100 Years Of Beauty timelapse video by WatchCut wherein actress Stephanie Koenig models a century of supposed women’s styles north and south of the border.

Here’s the research they did up to the 1960s and after.

Yes. You are actually seeing this.


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