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Xierqi station on Beijing Subway’s Line 13 last Thursday morning at around 7:30.

According to Antony Tao of Beijing Cream, Xierqi is:

…a transfer station and one of the cleaner, better-looking ones in the system. It has, like other stations in Beijing’s vast underground transportation network, built-in artificial bottlenecks intended to relieve congestion in the form of gates and narrow staircases. On some occasions, however, those fail.


An ongoing series of photos by Tokyo based photographer Michael Wolf showing commuters squished up against the seamy windows of Tokyo’s packed underground trains.


An old man goes on a blistering lightsaber rampage when no-one seems willing to offer him a seat on the subway. The influence of the Dark Side is evident. Directed by Sean Soong.

You will give up your seat if an elderly person needs it, won’t you?


THIS is product placement.

A scene in Monday’s US episode of Hawaii Five-0 doubles as a less than subtle ad for Subway.

A savage indictment of the corporate takeovNOMNOMNOM

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