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Today’s Sun newspaper

Further to the decision to remove the topless Page Three models from the Irish Sun in August 2013, Roy Greenslade, of The Guardian, writes:

“Whisper it lest it get about, but I think the Sun is quietly weaning itself off page 3. The paper has not run its usual topless picture since Thursday. It hasn’t given up publishing pictures of scantily-clad women, of course. But the long-run routine of publishing a model smiling vacantly at the camera with her breasts on show has been disrupted.

Friday’s page was devoted to shot of a naked Kim Kardashian with her nipple concealed. The Saturday and Sunday issues, as has long been the case, featured non-topless pictures.

Today, across pages 2 and 3, are a set of tastefully clothed pictures of a former Coronation Street star, Michelle Keegan, on a modelling shoot in Majorca.

According to an official Sun spokesman, “it’s often the case that if we get exclusive pictures from our more popular female stars we will give them a page 2-3 spread.”

The Sun’s Page 3 topless pictures appear to be on their way out… (Roy Greenslade, The Guardian)

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Ógle Na hÉireann


A cool, refreshing compilation of dives, drops and buck-leps from the Blackrock tower in Salthill, Galway by Christopher Tierney.

“The July 2013 heatwave had the thermometers reaching unheard of heights and sent people scurrying for the cool waters of the Atlantic. Here’s a little slice of Galwegian Life!”

We lost our minds in the sun.

(Hat tip: John Keane)

Christopher Tierney