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Simon O Shea writes:

Here’s a shot of the sunset earlier this evening over Dublin (yep, right before it decided to rain again)…It’s 5 shots bracketed and merged together in Lightroom to give some added HDR. Oh and shot with/from a ‘drone’ of course. Video here

Save Poolbeg.


The River Liffey at Dublin tonight.

Thanks André

haffner-3 haffner-6 haffner-5 haffner-4haffner-9 haffner-7

The neon landscapes of Grant Haffner – a mixture of acryllic, marker pencil and paint on wood panels, evoking childhood sunsets at Long Beach in Sag Harbor New York. Sez he:

For a small moment, in between this place and that, I am free from reality. My truck and I become a motion of blurred color, barreling through space and time. I like to keep my window open to listen to the sounds that traveling makes, to enjoy the smell of the landscape. Every trip is a new one, not one sunset is the same. On the road I am a part of the painting. I am movement, color, sound, adventure and emotions. This is my landscape.