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4Stillorgan, Co Dublin

Thanks Gary Byrne

leopardstownLeopardstown, Co Dublin

Thanks Erika Moroney

1 Clogherhead,  Co Louth this evening

Thanks Pat Flanagan

3Sandyford, Co Dublin

spiddalSalthill, Co Galway.

Thanks Jack

2Lusk, Co Dublin.

Thanks Eoin Darby

BaAsZwhIQAAsIRuDublin city.

Thanks Stephen Cass

BaAtg5iCMAEyQCc Dublin 8.

Thanks Damian O’Connell

BaAsF-CIgAAFusGShankill, Co Dublin

Thanks Mattverso

ncadFrom the National College of Art and Design, Dublin.

Thanks Zak


Roundstone, Co Galway

Thanks BBop

yahooFrom inside Yahoo, Dublin.

Thanks Stephen

83c94c2e0a9c87bc8b6f0960dce85e0a__20131126043319From the roof of the Irish Times building.

Thanks Daniel

photo-53Sundrive Road, Kimmage, Dublin

Thanks Simon Kingston

galwayGalway Docks this evening.

Thanks Eimear

sunset2At gaming firm Swrve Inc.

Via Justin Mason