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Behold the low-slung, gull-winged curvaceousness of the Owl electric supercar – a working concept debuted at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show by mysterious Japanese technical consulting firm Aspark.

Watch the frankly ridiculous 2 second 0-100km/h acceleration of its chassis (minus the swanky shell above) here.


Behold: the Kode O by Japanese industrial designer Ken Okuyama (who had a hand in the Porsche 911 and Ferrari Enzo) – an actual 700bhp, V12 carbon fibre supercar modelled along the pointy, slanty lines of 1970s Lamborghinis and Lancias.

There are currently no production plans for the Kode O so, in all likelihood, this is the only one that will ever exist.


The iXoost: iPod/iPhone docks (concept by Matteo Panini) hand-built in the Italian supercar city of Modena by ‘local craftsmen’: solid aluminium block base complete with exhaust manifold speakers, finished in leather with four 70W amps and a 140W active subwoofer.

Around €4000 each. Ideal for the garage, next to your Murciélago.